2011 Australian LAMS & Learning Design Conference Sydney

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Welcome and Official Opening


Closing Keynote: "Connecting Learning Design with Curriculum Design"
James Dalziel


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Keynote 2: Student and Teacher Generated Designs
Macquarie ICT Innovation Staff and Cherrybrook Technology HS Staff and Students

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10.35-11.00 Morning Tea — Reception Area


Breakout Room 1

Breakout Room 2

Breakout Room 3


Using the Learning Designer to develop a conceptual framework for linking learning design tools and systems

Matt Bower

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Adopting learning design with LAMS: multi-dimensional, synchronous large-scale adoption of innovation

Emil Badilescu-Buga

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Student and teacher generated designs:

Debbie Evans,
CTHS staff & students

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LAMS, Blended Learning and Paradigm Shift

Paul Gagnon

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Visualized Learning Design:
The Challenges of an innovation transfer for the design, development and implementation of technology

Anastasia Economou

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LAMS as the next stage in the evolution of eLearning at SDHS

Daniel Rattigan

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The impact of OER on teaching and learning in UK universities: implications for Learning Design

Liz Masterman

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Integration of external tools with GLUE! in LAMS: requirements, implementation and a case study 

Carlos Alario

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Virtual history teaching in LAMS

Eva Dobozy

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Lunch — Dining Room


Breakout Room 1

Breakout Room 2

Breakout Room 3


LAMS-Moodle integration for increased clinical training capacity

Eileen Chau &
Glenn Mason

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Introducing e-learning through LAMS: Lessons learnt from implementing in all disciplines

Spyros Papadakis

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An emerging learning design for student-generated ‘iVideos’ 

Matthew Kearney

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Adoption of Learning Designs in Teacher Training and Medical Education: Templates versus Embedded Content

James Dalziel
& Bronwen Dalziel

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Digital Literacies:
An Interactive Workshop

Simon Walker

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Learning in LAMS: lessons from a student teacher exploring gene ethics

Carina Dennis

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Technology enhanced scaffolding in Language Teaching

Jung-Sook (Sue) Lim,
Chris Campbell &
Simone Smala

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The final chapter: Implementing learning designs

Leanne Cameron

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Afternoon Tea — Reception Area

Virtual Presentation:Learning Design

Chris Alexander

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Opening Keynote: Designing for Social and Participatory Media
Gráinne Conole

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Panel Session and Closing

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